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Gemini - The Communicator

Zodiac Tales

Episode 6.


Carré de soie Roseline d'Oreye

A new month means a new Zodiac Tales episode! What better way to move through 2024 on a inspiring and positive note?

Alongside the launch of our new Zodiac Signs silk bandanas we wanted to create something special. A link, a connection between two worlds. We have therefore invited some of our favourite personalities to join us and share their experiences and knowledge as their own astrological signs.

And what a delight it all was.

Our 6th guest ambassador is Nathalie Didden. Luxury rugs designer, social media manager, and confirmed communicator. As a Gemini, she talks about her craft, her eclectic passions and her secret to happiness!

Here's the full interview, enjoy !


Hello Nathalie, welcome to our boutique in the center of Brussels, we're so happy to have you here!

To start things off could you tell us a bit more about you and what you do?

That is quite a hard thing to do in my opinion.

In true Gemini fashion, I do a lot of things.

I make luxury rugs.

Custom ones, meaning, I have clients with specific demands

and just like Roseline, I translate their desires.

I have a bunch of designers who work for me.

I also do more basic compositions of course, but my

passion definitely lies in custom ones.

I also run several Instagram accounts.

It’s very eclectic!

For a beach, a bar-restaurant and for another restaurant.

I’ve also worked for the “Big Against Breast Cancer” organization.

Which I don’t work for anymore but still support.

For other charities as well, that I founded or just worked

for, because it’s very important to me.

You see, it’s pretty broad.

If you could describe your personality in 3 words, which would you choose?

I think I’m rather positive.

Because I tend to see the glass half full instead of half empty.

I hate negative people, they drain my energy.

I am empathetic.

Clearly, maybe too much at times.

But at the same time I’m very resentful.

So in true Gemini form, I would give everything,

but when it’s over, it’s over and forever.

Whats is astrology for you?

Astrology, I’d would say we choose to believe it when we want to.

Although I’ve observed, and thanks to Facebook by the way..

I’ve only kept Facebook for the birthdays.

And I see that depending on the period, I have a stock of friends, I sometimes have 15 people that have the same birthday, and I wonder there must be some meaning in that.

It’s a cycle, I like some signs more than other ones.

But it changes because I’m changing too.

What do you know about your own sign (Gemini)?

Definitely the communication aspect of it.

Geminis love to meet people, they are interested in people too.

But not for too long, because the problem with Geminis or at least

with me, is that I easily get bored.

My attention span is very short, so if something isn’t interesting to me, I move on.

We can therefore seem a bit messy, but we’re really not.

We just like to try out new things.

We try one thing and move on to the other like the wind.

That’s how we end up multitasking.

Geminis are also not afraid to go for it.

And they are weirdly sociable, yet so timid.

Me for example, I hate public speaking, the camera is alright, and I’d never ask for the time in the street - even though I’m the first one to say hi to everybody at a party.

Geminis are creatives who tend to struggle with routines,

Are the custom rugs a way to keep this creativity going?

I hate saying no to a client but I also hate being told no.

And I hate when someone gives me advice.

The world of rugs being very structured and masculine,

I’ve gone beyond the rules, mixing materials like lurex and silk.

I’ve also dared to create expensive rugs, using expensive fabrics and materials - silk like Roseline, and mixing it with other less “noble” fabrics.

It might be my Gemini persona to not be afraid to

create things that might not be considered “in the norm”.

Geminis are what Hermès is to Greek mythology,

Do you relate with this relationship-builder persona?

I love connecting people together.

I want the people I love to shine and help them become,

richer, more famous, prettier.

For example, I don’t like seeing women tear each other down.

I want my friends to feel pretty and valued.

I like helping them shine because when you do so, you shine too.

Communication is key for this air sign,

What is the solution for a sustainable relationship to you?

In real life or in business, if there is no discussion, it won’t work.

Silences will break a couple, but also a team.

If we are a team and there is no communication whatsoever.

No briefing means no job well done.

I’ve realized that if a team didn’t work it was usually my fault.

Because I didn’t brief them or talk to them.

It’s the same in relationships.

I tire myself by giving a lot, until the day I don’t anymore.

When that happens, it usually means it’s over.

What are you most proud of in your life?


I’m proud of my kids.

I’m proud to have changed lives at my age.

And I don’t regret a second of it.

So I’m proud to have had the courage to do so.

It wasn’t immediate but now I wouldn’t change a thing.

Once again, I find it common for Geminis when they leave.

I have a lot of Gemini friends that are more diabolical than me

and when it’s over, there’s no going back.

It can go far but then, there’s one moment or word and

we leave without looking back.

And it can be hard for the people around us.

(Rose) It’s either black or white.

In fact.

It’s not grey.

I don’t like grey.

Is there anything you'd like to add?

If you want to do something don’t wait until it’s too late.

Hurry up because life is short.

We have to enjoy every second because not everything is set.

But if we don’t do anything then nothing will happen.

So let’s get moving!

Can you tell us what you're working on and where can people find you?

I still work for the social medias of my clients.

I realize it’s a job because I’m paid to do it, but it’s truly a joy.

And I have a project I’ve been thinking about for some time.

It’s still a secret but it will be centered around artistic rugs.

I want to rediscover what I used to do but in a category

that would be, more artisanal and luxurious but it will come soon enough.

You’ll hear me talk about it.

(Leo) And on social media?

I’m still doing it.

My handle is like my name, @nathalieedidden but with

two e’s because Nathalie Didden already existed...

Would you believe?

(Leo) Thank you for your trust and for sharing your ideas with us

It was super fun!”

Well I’m very proud.

And Roseline has so much talent, it should be famous worldwide by now...

It’s about time!

(Leo) It’s about time really!

It’s about time!


Nathalie is wearing the Gemini silk astrology bandana from our brand new silk bandana collection based on zodiac signs and mythology.

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