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Carré de soie Roseline d'Oreye

Artist and painter, Roseline started her career as a children's books illustrator while developing her creativity experimenting on diverse supports and with several techniques.

Although she had been painting travelling sketchbooks ever since she could hold a pen, Roseline has also produced a plethora of commissioned works of art. Adding to her experience, she's painted illustrations for custom announcements, portraits, murals and, for her personal pleasure, paintings based on her life and her several inspirations. 

The Belgian artist has also taught art expression for many years. A discipline that includes the various forms of artistic expression and creation. Inspired by the act of teaching, she's taken trainings in several methods and forms of art therapy. Therapy she still offers today.

Through her work on silk and hand painted leather pieces or accessories, she gathers her different passions to achieve her aesthetic and includes everything that inspires her, being creativity, humanity, excellence, beauty, transmission of knowledge and generosity.

Because her goal to create beauty from within to beyond is in her DNA.

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