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Guests - Season 2

Carrés de soie Roseline d'Oreye

Scarves enthusiast

Carrés de soie Roseline d'Oreye

Communication expert


Psychologist, Psychotraumatologist, Family constellations Psychotherapist

Xavier Joseph
4. Gifts
Carrés de soie Roseline d'Oreye

Xavier's job in no way predestined him to come and speak to our microphone. However, when he is not busy with his profession as a veterinarian, Xavier loves to devote himself to another of his passions: scarves, among which the silk scarf is of course his undeniable favorite.

Convinced that the accessory is an essential, amazed by the softness and sensuality of silk, we found it interesting to look more into his experience as a man and his relationship with the scarf, especially since he knows so much on the subject!

As much in the way of tying them, as in their history or the origin of their patterns, Xavier accumulates knowledge which he willingly shares.

Also, in the space of a few podcasts, will Xavier's experience perhaps allow you to consider this accessory as being that of both men and women? ...

The birth of a passion.


How are our passions born? Specific to each person, these often date back to childhood and have origins as diverse as they are varied. ​


Probably they are the manifestation of a certain sensitivity to the demands of our environment? ​


But where does the passion for scarves originate? This is what we wanted to explore in this podcast through Xavier's experience.

Tying styles for men.

Depending on how you tie your  scarf, you will create a completely different look. As a man, you will undoubtedly prefer more sober, relatively classic knots. The good news is that these are the simplest knots to make!

Step by step, Xavier explains his favourites and the variations he offers to his outfits.

It's stylish no matter how you wear it.

Discover his tips and suggestions without delay!

How to choose a scarf.

How to choose your scarf and which one to wear with which outfits? Details, sizes and materials, each accessory has its specificities and possibilities.

Xavier enlightens us on the characteristics of his choices of scarves and helps us identify the one we will choose in turn. A great source of inspiration when you have gifts to give (to yourself).


Giving gifts, saying “I love you”, “I care about you”, “you matter in my life” by choosing an object specially designed to please the person for whom it is intended is a ritual that we are used to practicing on certain occasions (birthdays, Christmas, holidays, thanks) or, on the contrary, for no reason; just for the joy of giving. ​


In this episode, we look at how Xavier chooses the scarves he gives to people around him: his friends, his family, his loved ones. Will his experience enrich your own way of choosing a gift?

1. The birth of a passion
2. Tying styles for men
3. How to choose a scarf
Caroline von Bibikow
6. Separation and grief
7. Security & liberty
8. Intimate & sexual communication

Whether in her practice as a trainer, facilitator, companion or celebrant, Caroline masters the art of nurturing communication to allow our relationships to grow in quality and harmony, while respecting everyone.

Author of the KoneKto relationships cards®, of the book Women's Rituals for Getting Started with Love Communication, that Roseline had the pleasure of illustrating, Caroline also created the online program Communication for Love, which inspire and nourish the relationships of many couples.

Aware of how our relationships can improve or deteriorate our quality of life, Caroline does remarkable work with couples, individuals and businesses.

Carrés de soie Roseline d'Oreye

Konekto cards

Cartes de communication relationnelle

Carrés de soie Roseline d'Oreye

S'initier à la communication amoureuse

Women's rituals



Communication is the basis of all our relationships.

In a world where it has become "key", we do not always know how to use it best, with respect for ourselves and others.

In this first episode with Caroline, we go over the basics of what communication between individuals is, we delve deeper into the issues involved and we also talk about what led Caroline to make it her


To easily integrate them into our lives, Caroline shares more practical advice with us that allows us to implement new tools to improve relationships with those around us.

Needs and emotions.

Recognizing our own emotions and our own needs, and being able to welcome those of others with kindness, represents one of the major challenges of a harmonious relationship, first with oneself, then with others.

Learning to communicate them when “all is well” is essential to be able to do so also in times of crisis. But it is not always easy to identify the truth of what lies within us and to dare to communicate it to others, with the confidence of being welcomed without judgment.

In this new podcast, we explore with Caroline von Bibikow these fundamental questions and the tools to be able to grow in personal awareness and in the ability to receive others in their experiences just as legitimate as ours.

Even if we speak the same language, do we use it in the same way, depending on whether we are male or female? Without wanting to stereotype individuals according to their gender, we nevertheless observe certain trends within couples, whatever they may be.

Needs differ according to individuals, and so do the ways of expressing them. The expectations for our needs to be met by the other also differ.

But then, how can we understand ourselves? How can we express our needs? How can we dare the intimacy of true, sincere speech, and welcome the other into our own?

In this podcast, we explore some of these interesting and delicate questions with Caroline von Bibikow, our communications expert.

An expression coined by Caroline, “love durability” is a way of realizing that any relationship requires healthy management of the bond that unites us.

Like maintaining a garden, a relationship (even more so if it is romantic) requires growing resources, composting the "waste" of the relationship and identifying the needs of each individual, as well as the couple. as such.

Good management of a relationship requires constant readjustments and vigilant attention to its evolution. And that's all that we talk about with Caroline in this new podcast.

We know how communicating with others is essential to maintaining quality relationships in which we feel mutually respected.

But to be able to be understood, to say things with authenticity, to put accuracy in our communications, let's return to the basics: that of learning to communicate with oneself, with the most awareness and sincerity possible.

In this exciting new podcast, Caroline helps us know how to improve the thoughts we formulate about ourselves and which inevitably determine our relationship with the world and others.

Today, we are going to address a subject that is perhaps delicate, too often taboo, which sometimes gives rise to discomfort, but which is essential to the Great Cycle of Life... We are going to address with Caroline von Bibikow, the question of separations and grief.

Because there are certainly many of us who have experienced painful separation or poorly healed wounds - talking about these very important subjects allows us to bring more awareness and gentleness around these intimate and delicate questions, which It is essential to take care.

And this is why Caroline von Bibikow's contribution, both personal and professional, is as valuable as it is sensible.

In our personal and professional lives, within our relationship, our family, our society, the fragile balance between security and freedom never seems acquired.

These two bold actions which seem contradictory are nevertheless complementary. In couple relationships, particularly, romantic tension springs from a good balance between security and freedom. Indeed, desire is born from the distance between oneself and the “object”/the being that attracts us. If the loved one is definitely acquired, do we still want them?

To delve deeper into these vast questions and try to strike a balance, Caroline von Bibikow, communicator and relationship magician, comes to offer us her experience and finesse on this beautiful subject.

Idealized, questioned, fantasized and so exposed by our times, sexuality does not seem so easy to share over time. Whether it is daily life, fatigue, needs or expectations that differ, physical attraction evolves or even fades over time.


If physical intimacy seems essential to the balance of the couple, it is nourished above all by the quality of the relationship between the two people who compose it.

In this new episode, Caroline von Bibikow makes us discover how the sexual relationship is liberated in particular thanks to the way in which partners dare to tell each other and talk about the act of love. Because sexuality is also nourished by the intimacy of the word which becomes flesh.

La sécurité et la liberté
La communication de l'intimité et de la sexualité
1. Communicaton
2. Needs & emotions
3. Feminine vs masculine communication
4. Durability in love
5. Self communication

Psychologist, Psychotraumatologist, Family constellations Psychotherapist


Psychologist, psychotherapist, psychotraumatologist and trainer, Caroline is above all driven by a powerful desire to understand the origins of human unhappiness in order to find the best approaches to promote rebalance. For this, she has trained in numerous techniques with a particular specialization in psychological trauma.

Among her various training courses (Hypnosis, EMDR, RIT, TAT, ICV, CNV, Somatic Experiencing, Theraplay, video intervention, role plays, etc.), there are also Family Constellations that she practices and teaches with passion.

We were keen to invite her for a series of podcasts, because we see in the silk square an intergenerational object that is transmitted and exchanged. So it seemed important to us to approach the beautiful subject of Transmission with her, who has become an expert on the psychological level of the term.


Let's start at the beginning by asking ourselves what transmission is and its impacts on human development.

In this podcast, we will question the transmissions that could be described as "beneficial" and those which, on the contrary, burden our lives.

We will also question the gap that there can sometimes be between expectations, needs and what is actually transmitted.

This first podcast with Caroline promises to immerse us in the family and psychological legacies that build us and make us who we are.

Transmission through gifts.

Gifts honor and enhance a relationship by materializing the affection shown to the person receiving. Some gifts are traditions, while others are spontaneous. In either case, they convey a feeling.

But between the giver and the receiver, what is transmitted? What is being exchanged? How is this perceived?

In this new podcast, we question Caroline Boland about the value of a gift and its emotional implications.


Les rituels marquent la vie et ses étapes. Ils structurent le temps – qu’il soit celui d’une vie, d’une année, d’une semaine ou d’une journée – et participent à acter le changement, le passage, et donc le renouvellement.

Les rituels précèdent notre naissance (pensons notamment aux babyshowers), et accompagnent notre mort (les rituels de deuil, bien sûr). Bref, les rituels escortent les mystérieux processus de vie – mort – Vie.

Avec son expérience de constellatrice familiale et de traumatologue, nous évoquons dans ce podcast avec Caroline, ce qu'est le rituel, tout en explorant de nouvelles manières de se positionner face à eux et/ou les possibilités d'en créer de nouveaux

The unconscious tissue

Gifts honor and enhance a relationship by materializing the affection shown to the person receiving. Some gifts are traditions, while others are spontaneous. In either case, they convey a feeling.

But between the giver and the receiver, what is transmitted? What is being exchanged? How is this perceived?

In this new podcast, we question Caroline Boland about the value of a gift and its emotional implications.

Russian dolls

Family constellations and belonging systems

Caroline Boland
1. Transmission
2. Transmission through gifts
3. Les Rituels
4. Le Tissu Inconscient
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