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Aries - The Trailblazer

Zodiac Tales

Episode 4.


Carré de soie Roseline d'Oreye

A new month means a new Zodiac Tales episode! What better way to move through 2024 on a inspiring and positive note?


Alongside the launch of our new Zodiac Signs silk bandanas we wanted to create something special. A link, a connection between two worlds. We have therefore invited some of our favourite personalities to join us and share their experiences and knowledge as their own astrological signs.

And what a delight it all was.

Our 4th guest ambassador is Brigitte Dreyfuss. TV & Radio host, business management, communication and marketing expert. As an Aries, she talks about her determination, her leadership and MBTI!

Here's the full interview, enjoy !


Hi Brigitte, welcome to our boutique in the center of Brussels, we're so happy to have you here!

To start things off could you tell us a bit more about you and what you do?

I’m french,

I’ve lived in Brussels for more than 30 years now,

So nowadays, when people ask me if I’m Belgian, I tend to say yes...

And that might be the only lie... of my life!

I am a mother of two.

I’ve been working here in Brussels for those 30 years.

I help my clients with their business development strategies,

I also help them with their communication and business strategies,

And more recently after... 20 to 25 years of radio...

Television since 2020.

From hosting a show, to its branding, production and direction.

Meaning a lot of meeting new people.

If you could describe your personality in 3 words, which would you choose?


But in a good way!

Not in a “I need to know what happens behind people’s doors way.”

Curious about people, about all sorts of things, about new technologies.

For lack of a better word because I don’t really like this one but,


Meaning, I love people.

Doing things seriously without taking it too seriously!

This one is good.

What is astrology for you?

It’s usually what we read in the magazines, or on our screens nowadays, that tells us something pleasant or not, and that we tend to forget in the next second...

However, the type of astrology that tells us about the position of celestial objects, the way they move, and generate certain interactions with earth...

I’m not sure it’s a believe or not situation.

Because if the position of a specific cosmic object is capable of directly influencing how tides behave how wouldn’t it also be able to create movement within ourselves -

Within our bodies that are almost entirely composed of water, and influence our moods?

Aries are known to be natural leaders.

Do you agree?

I think I do it without even knowing actually.

I’m not particularly the type to say “follow me guys”,

but I think that I have the capability to inspire with ideas.

I have no difficulty bringing people together and organizing things,

I have no difficulty finding the idea that will make a team evolve, whether it be an individual, a company or an organization, and push them beyond their limits.

I might just be a calm leader after all...

You speak about your MBTI (Protagonist) on your social media.

How do you discern the difference between astrology and personality tests like MBTI?

Those tests opened my eyes on who I truly was because people

perceive me to be extroverted but I feel introverted.

Fake extrovert or the other way around I don’t know.

But for me the difference between personality tests and astrology,

It depends.

Astrology will tell you who you are based

on when you were born and based on the influence of certain planets.

I tend to say some things are not that far from the truth.

A personality test, when it’s well done like MBTI for example, it’s created by professionals who have the required knowledge, and it depicts quite accurately people’s personalities because we get to answer questions with the most honest intentions.

The amount of answers amassed over

the years tend to format accurate and defining characteristics.

And I agree with it a lot actually.

What are you most proud of in your life?

My children.

Two marvellous creatures with dreamy personality types... especially on certain days...

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Enjoy life.

Enjoy, dream, go out, love, drink, read.

Treat yourselves, and treating yourself isn’t buying too much but buying enough, it’s not living recklessly but still living in the moment, and it’s also loving pretty things because they will never be too much.

I’m going to share a personal story.

In my bathroom I have a drawer full of headbands

and I have beautiful tiaras, fake ones, but big, beautiful and bedazzled.

And to be honest, when you wear them in the morning or evening but have your best bedhead look on it’s really hard to take yourself seriously.

But it really helps in order to maintain an innocent self irony and to

understand that the real fun in life is more on the inside rather than the outside.

Can you tell us what you're working on and where can people find you?

I still love television.

I still love filming and I’m planning on organizing more and more shootings in my home and outside to promote artist, culturally inclined individuals that have something to say and in a format that actually let them speak.

I used to do it already on my TV program called “Cause Toujours” (“Keep Talking” in FR)

and I hope to see you all on a new website that will also be called “Cause Toujours” with Brigitte pretty soon because we need to keep talking.

And for the real life stuff...

The goal is to keep working for and with companies and organizations and accompany them in their development.

And what I’ve been trying to do more and more over the years are inspiration and public speaking workshops.

On social media it’s easy - Facebook, Instagram,

LinkedIn sometimes Twitter but not too much.

And that’s enough I think.

I reclaimed my personal last name - Brigitte Dreyfuss.

Same phone number, same email address.

Perfect, thank you so much!


Brigitte is wearing the Aries silk astrology bandana from our brand new silk bandana collection based on zodiac signs and mythology.

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