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I can't right now, my scarf awaits...!

- On demand silk scarf tying workshops for you and your friends -


In order to help you find your style with silk and develop your creativity in the art of wearing the scarf, Roseline d'Oreye offers tying up workshops in which you will learn how to wear your silk scarf in an original and/or classic, sober and/or distinguished way, but which will always highlight your natural elegance!


All of course taking place in a joyful and caring atmosphere.

Because there are 1001 ways to wear a silk scarf!

How to proceed?

  • Contact us to let us know your expectations: desired date, number of participants planned and location (at your place or at ours).

  • 15€ per attendee.

  • Free participation for the organizer(s).

  • From 10 to 25 participants. 

  • Plan for travel costs if the workshop takes place at your home.

What you'll get:

  • Tying workshop orchestrated by Roseline, silk magician.

  • A free tying tutorial card.

  • A free drink (if the workshop takes place a our boutique).

  • Discovery of the extraordinary potential that the silk scarf represents in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Organized with your friends, this workshop is an ideal time to meet up, exchange and practice together, in complete freedom!

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Together, let's create a moment of joy and friendship.

Think ahead, send us a message!

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