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Aquarius - The Visionary

Updated: Mar 8

Zodiac Tales

Episode 2.


Carré de soie Roseline d'Oreye

With the year 2023 behind us, it seemed right to start 2024 with a fair amount of positivity and inspiration.

Alongside the launch of our new Zodiac Signs silk bandanas we wanted to create something special. A link, a connection between two worlds. We have therefore invited some of our favourite personalities to join us and share their experiences and knowledge as their own astrological signs.

And what a delight it all was.

Our second guest ambassador is Flavia Millen. Influencer, activist and a source of inspiration. As an Aquarius, she talks about the start of her career, her close relation to her daughter, to humans and her inner activist for the people.

Here's the full interview, enjoy.


Hi Flavia, how are you?

Hi, welcome. (laughs)

The protagonist...

I’m welcoming you in your home.

This is your house. (laughs)

To start things off, could you tell us a bit about you and what you do?

I am Flavia, and I'm an influencer.

I am Brazilian living in Belgium now.

Happily living in Belgium now!

If you could describe your personality in 3 words, which would you choose?

I would say I am open minded.

A sunny person and...


It looks like it. (both laugh)

What is astrology for you?

Astrology works for me like an instant guide for personality.

You know, when I meet someone and I ask about their sign,

it suddenly comes, all the qualities that I know.

Oh, these people are like that.

It helps me to understand.

Do you know anything about your own sign?

What I know about Aquarius is that we have this airy theme, always the mind in the moon and we are very visionary, activist.

We love humanity and ideas.

We love ideas.

Would you say you relate to your sign a lot?

Yes, I relate a lot.

There are a lot of specific qualities and also not that good things that I really relate to if I’m honest yes!

Do you integrate it into your everyday life?

I don't look at astrology every day in daily basis, but as I told you, when I meet someone in

person for a friend or for work and immediately if I know their sign, it helps me to understand a little bit that person universe.

So it's very active in my life in this way.

Aquarius are known to be humanitarians and visionaries.

As an influencer, do you utilize this side of yourself?


I think the humanitarian like I have been ambassador of a nonprofit

organization in Brazil for Down Syndrome kids for years.

And that's very important for me.

And I use my social media to talk about and get visibility for it.

And also in my speech, my social media, I try to empower woman in bringing this female power into the light, in the spotlight.

So I think this humanitarian shows in my work in this way.

About visionary, I think also it is in my work because as an Aquarius, I love technology and even if the technology changes a lot, I’m very comfortable.

I feel like a new challenge and I am excited about it and also about trends,

you know sometimes I’m very intuitive about trends.

That it’s starting or not even there and I feel ready and I want to do it.

And then so it helps me a lot.

In your personal and professional life then?

Yes, yes, yes.

It helps me in personal because this humanitarian side, when I do it, I feel complete as a human being.

It's important for me.


Internally it’s important in personal life yes.

How does one become an influencer?

I don’t know about everybody but my own experience.

It started like back in 2012, and I made my Instagram account public to talk about art because I was an art advisor at that moment, but once that I put myself all the time in front of the camera, it started to have people following me to look at also my outfit and my lifestyle and with that, brands started to make propositions, and I became an ambassador for a shoes brand in Brazil, fashion brands and also being featured in media.

So actually after a while it would start to be my main income and I became an influencer.

That's great, very inspirational.

You come from the world of art, does it still influence your life?

It influences a lot because I love when I can make like an editorial and mix with some art

that has the same vibe or the same color and the same concept.

So I try to bring this to my work all the time.

And also, I am an influencer, but once I talk a lot about art, I make art galleries, collaborations, art fair collaborations.

So it's still very vivid in my life.

So you still like very present in that world?

Yes and when I found work, an artist that I love, I organically

speak of featuring it on my Instagram.

So I'm still very connected with art tour.

When I see something beautiful, inspirational or really artistic, I fall in love

and that's like the moment I saw everything that Roseline was doing it’s like - oh it’s amazing!

What are you most proud of your life?

I'm most proud of my daughter.

She's 15 years now and she's amazing.

And the family that I built.

And I'm proud also of my work... my choices.

That's great!

It just keeps on going from here.

Yeah! (laughs)

Is there anything you'd like to add?

I would like to thank you guys for having me again here and say that’s always a very pleasure to collaborate and have this tight relationship with you and thank you.

What are you working on right now and where can people find you?

At the moment I'm working in some collaborations that I'm doing with brands for Summer.

And I can’t talk more about it, but I'm looking forward to be able to share.

You can find me on

my Instagram and TikTok,

It’s @flaviamillen.

And I also have my

Pinterest, it’s @flamillen.

Perfect, and the website too!

Yes and I have a Website too,

Thank you so much!


Flavia is wearing the Aquarius silk bandana from our brand new silk bandana collection based on zodiac signs and mythology.

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