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Carré de soie roseline d'oreye
Carré de soie Roseline d'Oreye
Carré de soie Roseline d'Oreye

Creation and drawing have always been pillars in my life. For as long as I can remember, I have always drawn. Moreover, from childhood, I had already decided to devote my life to these passions.

After graduating from the Saint-Luc School of Fine Arts in Liège, I began my career as a children's books illustrator.


To date, I have created illustrations for around twenty different books (for children and adults), notably with editors such as "L'école des loisirs", "Souffle d'Or" and "Les Éditions Guy Trédaniel".


On the side, I have also carried out numerous commissioned works like portraitsmuralsannouncement,... and produced several personal pieces painting on different supports with different techniques. Enriched with experience, my work has been exhibited on numerous occasions - my work being inspired by my explorations of the world, whether it is abroad or within Belgium. 

For around ten years, I followed several professional paths. In addition to working part-time as an art teacher - parallel to the development of my career as an illustrator - I undertook several training courses in art therapy and in so-called “energetic” therapies. My passions for art, humanity, creativity and the unconscious have found fulfilment in these different areas of expression.


My universe is rich in colours, emotions, movement, elements of nature and a kind of magic drawn from the the view of amazement I take on the world. 


However, my strongest personal expression is found in my travel diaries. It was particularly during my first stay alone, in India, at the age of twenty, that my travel sketchbook, my pencils and my colours took on their full importance - they were the inner anchor that kept me allowed to move forward. Today, I like to say that "when I draw, I am at home everywhere". 


Since then, I have continued to create travel journals around the world, because I find an unlike anything else resource and creative freedom in them. As the pages fill, I seek to capture the emotions, the fleeting moments and the fascination I experience during my travels.

By discovering the silk scarf, I found a field of expression that brings together all of my passions - creation, a taste for stories and travel, the freedom of colours and shapes, the softness of a material whose properties are a real care for the skin, and above all, the joy of creating a useful and delicate object, which can be worn at any age, by both men and women.  


And because I remain eternally amazed by our Humanity as a whole - whether in our similarities or in our differences - I need to transpose this emotion into my creative expression. 

Because my vocation is to create beauty from within to beyond.

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