Creativity and drawing have always been central elements in my life. I started drawing as a child and for as long as I can remember, I wanted to dedicate my life to these passions.


After graduating from the college of fine arts in Illustration*, I began my career as a children’s book illustrator. To date, I have produced illustrations for a dozen different books (for both children and adults), in particular with the Editions “L’Ecole des Loisirs”. I have also done many commissioned works, (portraits, wall paintings, announcements…).


Over the past decade, I have pursued several professional paths. In addition to working part-time as an art teacher, and the development of my career as an Illustrator, I undertook training in art-therapy for six years. In doing so my passions for art, humanity, and therapy, found expression and fulfilment.


In addition I have worked in different mediums of mixed media and have had my work shown in several exhibitions across Belgium.


My canvasses are inspired by my world explorations: both the inner world and the outside world. My “inner world” is full of colours, emotions, movements, nature, and a kind of magic, inspired by the “outside world”. The “outside world” creates in me a constantly renewing sense of enthusiasm, wonder and curiosity in my “inner world”.

This dialogue between my inner and outside world started in earnest during my first solo trip to India when I was twenty. There, my travel book, my pencils and my colours were my only “buddies”.

Since that time, I have continued to illustrate my journeys, from all over the world, in my travel books. In these journals, I seek to capture the emotions, the images and the sense of surrounding found on my trips. I am fascinated by the whole of Humanity with in its similarities and its differences, and it is here that I find the wonders that inspire my canvasses.