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Silk & Cashmere accessories,
from Brussels to you 

A painter's touch

Each Roseline d'Oreye scarves display the designer's colourful and dynamic designs nurturing a proximity no other luxury brand can offer. 

Timeless elegance

A silk scarf is THE timeless accessory that keeps on transcending generations, trends and societal changes remaining fashionable no matter what.

Crafted with care

Each item is carefully crafted in Como, Italy ensuring the highest quality and paying homage to the centuries old Italian craftsmanship.  

Our products are certified with the G.O.T.S label

An environmental commitment

The Global Organic Textile Standard label ensures an absence of harmful chemicals, a reduction in water consumption, energy & pollution and ecological manufacturing.

A social commitment

The Global Organic Textile Standard label ensures compliance with the International Labor Organization (ILO), safe working conditions and fair wages.


The Boutique

Galerie du Roi 10 - 1000 Brussels


Personalised luxury tailored to fit your specific tastes

1. Bespoke Options

Customise your silk accessory from the colour of the background and/or an additional design to a full creation based on your ideas and preferences. 

2. Tailored Fit

Roseline makes sure your needs and personal style are respected. Throughout the process, she guides you into creating the ideal silk accessory.

3. Refined Service

Enjoy a designer's proximity and let creativity embark you on a journey. With a dedicated support to help you through the process. 

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