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The beneficial properties of silk are undeniable. But do you know them all?

Who has never heard the saying “it’s as soft as silk”?

This universal recognition of the properties of the fiber is not new. From Ancient China to the present day, the benefits of silk on the body are known and appreciated by everyone around the world.

From the dresses of Chinese dynasties, to the court clothing of Louis the 15th, including the famous scarves originally worn by Napoleon's soldiers, then by the great stars of the 20th and 21st centuries, silk has always been part of the elite in fabric and clothing.

But what scientific properties have earned it the reputation of being this source of youth, elegance and lightness?

Carré de soie Roseline d'Oreye
Bust of Nefertiti (queen of Egypt from 1353-1336 BC)

Legend has it that silk was discovered in Ancient China (which also kept its manufacturing secrets for millennia, as we saw in our article on the history of silk).

 However, we can already find traces of the presence of silk in Ancient Egypt, notably with Queen Nefertiti (famous wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten, whose name means "the beautiful has come", or "the perfect has arrived"), who would have worn a silk veil under her impressive crown, to protect her shaved head.

Over the centuries, a growing number of peoples around the world have made silk their own, and we understand why. Indeed, the nobility of its fiber, combined with its numerous therapeutic properties, have always made this ancient fabric a guarantee of well-being and elegance.

But where do these properties come from?


Before issuing a non-exhaustive list of the main properties of silk, we must delve into the microscopic world to understand its origins.

As you may know (if you have read our article on the legend of silk), at the beginning is the silkworm, from its Latin name "Bombyx Mori". Wrapped in its white silk cocoon, it produces a protein called Sericin. This protein which gives silk its firmness and resistance is also at the origin of all the benefits that we recognize for our skin and hair.

Carré de soie Roseline d'Oreye

On the one hand, the hydrating power of Sericin indicates its strong potential as a therapeutic agent, notably in wound healing, cellular regeneration, protection against ultraviolet rays and collagen production - hence its integration in many current creams and shampoos.

On the other hand, the antioxidant activity of this protein allows it to extend its field of action in the biomedical field and to serve as an anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant agent. In addition, the molecule also acts in health problems related to the colon, improves constipation and protects the body against obesity by reducing the plasma lipid profile (which allows the cholesterol level in the blood to be observed).

With these qualities, you should nevertheless know that the effectiveness of Sericin depends on the type of Bombyx Mori family from which it comes, but also that its quality varies depending on the extraction methods.


Thanks to these few basic notions, it is easy to imagine the reasons why silk has fascinated people for millennia. Indeed, the silk scarf has always been used in its dual function: both as a fashion object and as a care and well-being product. It therefore seems the ideal accessory, since in addition to being beautiful, it is therapeutic!

But what are the famous benefits of silk for our health?

Let us now draw up a non-exhaustive list of what the fabric brings us.

Perhaps you will find there a remedy for some of your inconveniences?...

A naturel softener and anti-aging

Carré de soie Roseline d'Oreye

This point is obvious to some: yes, silk is regenerative. But why ? The answer would lie in the amount of water that the tissue is able to assimilate. Able to absorb up to 30% of its initial weight in moisture, silk is ideal because it captures sweat without becoming damp. Indeed, the speed at which silk dries allows it to remain fresh, even in periods of extreme heat. These different factors make silk fiber ideal for dry skin (regenerated by its moisturizing properties), as well as for oily skin (purified by its absorption capacity). But that's not all: silk also contains natural proteins (including Sericin), as well as 18 essential amino acids. These different components allow the skin's aging process to slow down. Silk therefore has a beneficial effect against wrinkles and fine lines, but also against acne and eczema. Thanks to its different properties, silk is also the only fabric supported by all skin types, including the most sensitive, such as babies.

In addition, did you know that the weaving of the silk fiber also plays an important role in its anti-bacterial power? Indeed, when the fabric is of quality and its weave is tight, the space between its fibers is so narrow that irritating particles such as dust or other allergens cannot penetrate. Thus, your skin rests on a soft, airtight and very hygienic surface.

For information, it is interesting to know that a natural fiber is always more absorbent than a synthetic fiber, thanks to its porosity. Thus, cotton absorbs almost 100% of its weight in humidity (but it dries much slower than silk fiber), compared to polyester which is only capable of retaining 5% of its weight in humidity. In addition, fabrics with a tight weave will be more absorbent than those with a wide weave. The reason is simple: a tight fabric contains more micro-threads capable of absorbing a greater quantity of water.

A guarantee of shine and softness

Carré de soie Roseline d'Oreye

Silk is also beneficial for hair! In fact, its ultra-smooth surface limits friction, which is responsible for irritation or breakage of hair fibers. We've seen it: silk traps moisture. Also, it creates a protective barrier that keeps your hair hydrated. And who says hydrated hair, also says smooth and silky hair, which represents - in the long term - a reduction in hair loss. Recommended for sensitive, dry and curly hair, silk helps maintain the natural vitality of your hair, while making it soft, elastic and shiny.

For this purpose, it is recommended to wear a silk scarf in your hair when the climate is harsh and aggressive. The silk will envelop your scalp in freshness and softness against UV rays. Plus, the silk scarf is your best friend on a bad hair day. Don't worry about your unruly hair in the morning! Instead, dare to use color and cover them with a chic and timeless accessory.

For constant s(ilk)elf-balance

Equally important property, silk is an excellent temperature regulator. Whether you're too hot or too cold, silk helps your body maintain a consistent temperature throughout the day.

Carré de soie Roseline d'Oreye

Particularly appreciated by people who suffer from hot flashes or skin sensitivities, silk stays cool when it's hot and brings you warmth and comfort when it starts to get cold. This is also the reason why silk products are strongly recommended for women with significant heat fluctuations, particularly during menopause.

In addition, the ability of silk to retain heat or freshness in the body makes the silk scarf an ideal accessory to alleviate a sore throat or tension in the neck. A natural insulator, silk will keep your neck warm thanks to its vasodilator effect which allows muscles to relax and occasional pain to be relieved. You see, our grandmothers and their empirical remedies are scientifically proven!

Soft nights = Sweet mornings

Did you know that most dermatologists can tell which side you sleep on at night just by looking at the skin on your face? Indeed, lying for 6 to 9 hours a day in the same position, on fabrics as rough as cotton, the skin on your face is subject to daily attacks. It is therefore advisable to sleep on a silk pillowcase (or to put a silk scarf on your pillow), in

order to limit irritations.

Carré de soie Roseline d'Oreye

In addition, silk will preserve creams and other treatments placed on the face, to the delight of fragile and sensitive skin. If you sleep on your back, your hair will benefit too since, as we have seen, silk coats your hair in softness and shine, while retaining the natural moisture of your scalp.

Finally, sleeping on silk bedding helps reduce night sweats, thanks to its thermoregulatory effect. Sleep is therefore favored since the body temperature is balanced. The silk mask is also very useful for a peaceful sleep, since it nourishes the skin of your eyes and maintains night creams, while guaranteeing protection against light.


Thus, silk, soft, shiny, luxurious and fascinating, has found many ways to enchant us since the dawn of time.

Today, as in China or Ancient Egypt, it is still used for its benefits on the skin and hair, but also as a regulator of body temperature.

As mentioned above, this list is not exhaustive, as silk has a multitude of benefits that would require an entire thesis to cover!

To wrap things up, we strongly advise not to forget your silk scarf this summer. In addition to being light to carry, it will protect your hair in the harsh sun, while at nightfall it will be the ideal accessory to warm your neck and shoulders. In a tunic, kimono or poncho, it will guarantee your days and evenings perfect elegance, while bringing you the comfort of its freshness or warmth, depending on the ambient temperature.

Don't wait any longer: to discover these benefits for yourself, choose from our online store the accessory that will accompany you throughout the year! With quality silk, woven in Como, Italy, our accessories guarantee you a charm like no other!

Here are some inspirations to help you in your choices.

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